Haven’t had  quite the time I’d like to do some actual shooting this fall during peak colours, due to my new job taking all of my time and energy. Here be two images, nevertheless.




Abisko 2016 pt. 4

As the day before didn’t quite go as planned (again) I ended up hiking all the back to where I started the trip and slept in a proper (ish) bed in a room with 5 other people. As I woke up from a good night’s sleep I realised I had caught a cold and that my throat was all sore. Mildly amused, as I were, I got up early anyway and focused the first hours of the day on taking some long exposures.




This image below is  probably my favourite out of these very long exposure shots, using the 10 stop ND filter.


As the cold was getting to me, I hiked just enough to get out of the area where no tenting was allowed except for specific marked places, hoarded with other people; I set up my tent and spent one last, massively miserable night with high fever.



All in all I must be honest and call this trip a failure. I did, however, get some time alone out in the nature. I could have lived without that last night in the tent, followed by one last night away in the train. Even the common cold can be nasty when one is away from home.