There were a ton of these guys on a small island where me, my brother and some friends set up a tent on a kayak trip a few weeks back. Apparently they are called Rödstjärt. Which translates to red butts in Swedish. The females were very active and (probably) tried to keep me away from their nests. I only say a few of the males (the two last photos), and the pictures of them were sadly not that good.





The Confession

Oh, the somewhat embarassing although eventually blissfully enjoyable feeling of having done it again. Yes, I confess, I have bought a new photography related item. In my blog post that wrapped up 2016, I predicted that I would possibly be buying some lighting-related equipment but that would be it. Lo and behold, I might just have cheated.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s… a lense! Am I seeing a tripod collar as well?


Now you are just teasing me…


Wait, I’m seeing some specs here… That looks just like a…


Nikon 200-500 f/5.6!  Yes, that’s just what it is. The back-story here is: I love nature. I’ve been out hiking, cross country-skiing and doing whatnot in the outdoors for as long as I can remember. Perhaps 7 years ago, when I was way into long distance running, I hurt knee and found myself having to get my fix some way else. What I did then was that I picked up bird-watching. At least this way I could still get out and do something creative, or even sportsminded. Some time later my knee healed just enough to allow me to get back to my running again and I forgot about the birdwatching.

Now, as the years have passed since then the thought has reached my mind more and more often: should I perhaps pick that up where I left it? Finally I have now decided to merge it together with my photography. The idea is to roughly split it into two parts:

1. is the sport part and is all about taking decent photos of birds and progressively catch more and more to tick off a list.

2. is the obvious: taking nice pictures of birds.


Wrapping  this post up, we have a rather failed composite. I tried to showcase the 200-500s gargantuan size in comparison to a nifty fifty as well as its most compact form compared to its biggest. Well into photoshop to blend the images, I noticed I had positioned the lenses somewhat sloppily. Anyways – to the left we the lense is zoomed all the way up to 500mm and with the hood on, whereas the middle version is (locked) at 200m and with the hood turned backwards. It still dwarfs the 50mm f/1.8 in comparison, though 😉

More will follow!