Living in this modern and digital world is in so many ways a great thing for a photographer these days. The information one can find out there is seemingly never-ending. Through the years I’ve come across a few that have helped me that extra bit, and that I will often return to. Some are all about the gear, some focus on composition and some try to do it all.

I would like to share some of these sites for others to view. This is both my way to introduce these sites to newcomers as well as my way of thanking the respective creators of each site. Some of them are already extremely popular whereas some might be slightly more obscure.

The following are ordered alphabetically:


This is really a bit of an oddball of the gang. B&H is as you might know is the largest photo-related store in the United States. What you might not know is that they have a Youtube channel which shares a ton of terrific lectures held at their main store in New York. I have re-watched some of those 90-something lectures up to five or even ten times.

Ben Horne*

Here is a slightly more obscure gem. Ben Horne goes on regular trips to classic locations in the United States, films it with a digital camera and uploads videos on Youtube for each of the days of the trip. The kicker here is that he does all of his photography on a large format 8×10 film camera. immensely inspiring videos that I highly recommend.

DigitalRev TV*

Hardly an obscure tip. Digital Rev Tv is the largest photography channel on Youtube with almost a million subscribers. With a tongue-in-cheek Top Gear-esque type of humour the Hongkong-based show covers reviews and other photography related topics on a regular basis. It is also the first photography channel I started to view on Youtube and therefore holds a special place in my heart, even though I these days don’t follow it as intensely as I once did.

Jared Polin

Another very popular Youtube channel is Jared Polin (Fro Knows Photo). This is by far the one channel with the most material in terms of pure time. There is a new video virtually every day and many are over an hour long. Focuses little on reviews and more so on discussing business and my own personal favourite: the 5 minute portrait series (that really are 20-40 minutes long).

Matt Granger

A Youtube channel by the Australian photographer Matt Granger. Started off as “That Nikon Guy” only to change the name in recent times as he started using equipment from other brands more regularly. Does a bit of everything, including plenty of reviews, vlogs from travels, short tip videos and longer photo shoots with models.

Ming Thein*

One of my bigger sources for inspiration these days. Ming Thein is a Malaysia based photographer who specialises in watch photography but also does some amazing reportage-style of photography as well as lots of street photography.

Photography Life

What’s this? Not a Youtube channel?! Along with Digital Rev TV one of the first photo-related sites I regularly started to visit. Includes lots of long and in-depth reviews on camera gear and mainly Nikon lenses as well as plenty of other articles about mostly nature and wedding photography.

The Art of Photography

A Youtube channel that is quite a bit different from the rest. Ted Forbes is an intensely and ever-inspiring photography enthusiast who will discuss classic photographers that mainly shoot with film. He has also got a series on composition and on different film cameras.

The Camera Store TV

One of the better review-based Youtube Channels that is still quite young and thin in terms of material but that by now has passed Digital Rev TV in terms of high quality and entertaining camera reviews for me.

*the asterisk implies a site that I find to be especially useful and dear to me.

There are plenty of more examples of websites that I frequently visit, and especially so the Youtube channels. But I felt that I had to draw the line somewhere. I hope you will find something of use among these links provided above.



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