About me

My name is Martin, I am 28 years old, I have a degree in social work (swedish title being “socionom”) and I work as a psychiatry counselor. My main passions in life are wildlife, exercising and arts. I consume many forms of art and for the time being, photography is my main drug of choice.

I decided to create this blog in an attempt to fuel my interest and push my creative sense. I also made the decision to write in English, thinking it would increase my chances of having any number of readers beyond myself. Also, the vast majority of the media about photography that I consume is in English, be it youtube, blogs, websites or magazines. While it does feel somewhat awkward, I hope I will eventually develop a somewhat more natural style of writing.




4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hej Martin! Kul att hitta en svensk här, som fotograferar och skriver på engelska, vilket också är mitt val… Ibland känns Sverige lite litet… 😉
    Jättekul att du hittade min blogg, och tack för din kommentar! Ursäkta mig för mitt oförskämt sena svar, men livet kom liksom emellan….
    Ha en fin helg!

  2. Hej! Hittade in till dig också. jag skrev i två år på engelska så jo, jag tycker nog ändå att det går och att man utvecklas. Nu på slutet när jag bestämde mig att byta kändes det ändå ganska naturligt och nu känns svenskan inte alltid helt självklart. 🙂 Konstigt det där.

  3. Hi Martin,
    I have recently started a new wordpress blog called Forty Five. It is a site where I am hoping fellow wordpress photographers might wish to contribute. A site where images and inspiration are shared with links back to the originators site.
    I wonder if you might be interested in taking part?
    If you visit the site on the link below you will see there are a set of rules as to how you take 9 images in 45 minutes.
    If you choose to participate, as a wordpress user it would be possible for you to blog the gallery of 9 images in the same style as the Forty Five site and with your permission they could then be reblogged with full credits to yourself.
    It is a fun exercise and a different way of being out with your camera. You can publish just photos and if you choose a few words about your personal experience of Forty Five while out capturing your images.
    Forty Five is here:
    Keep up the good work
    Mr Cafe

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