Bird project – Getting into the groove

Getting out every now and then to look for birds for fiveteen, maybe thirty minutes or even a full hour is starting to become a bit of a very enjoyable habit. There is something extremely satisfying in gazing at the trees, crawling around in the high grass, looking for a bird to shoot. Sometimes the composition is way off, the bird out of focus or simply taken from a too great of a distance even for the 36mp D800 sensor to crop sufficiently; but, for each venture I think I get slightly better images.


Större hackspett



I will still post images that I’m not happy with, as long as it is acceptably sharp and display a new bird to tick off my list. If I manage to take  a better photo, I’ll swap it out in a future post. In my mind as I see it as that for each bland bird species caught and bland image taken, the next one will be better and hopefully more interesting. For every pigeon there will eventually be a hawk 🙂





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