Close encounter

Wandering the nature just a few hundered meters away from where I live after work, I happened to stumble across a deer; actually, two deers. I got a chance to put the lens to the test and make some observations.



It can be hard to find the right shutter speed for a given situation. The VR is very efficient but that will obviously only work if the subject is absolutely stationary. The question is how much you want to push the ISO – do I hope for a lucky sharp shot with low ISO or an unnecessarily noisy shot but without motion blur?


Another issue I noticed was the brightness of the viewfinder, or rather, the lack of it. A fixed f/5.6 lens is significantly darker than what I am used to with my primes. I hadn’t thought about it earlier but it is very clear when the light levels start to drop at dusk.


The more I try to shoot animals and birds I realise how hard this is. There are so many aspects to worry about, that framing a good image is one of the last. How do I sit, stand, aim the lens efficiently? Should I use just one focus point or a cluster to catch a flying bird? Do I zoom all the way in from the beginning and risk not finding my subject, or do I zoom out and have to adjust it back again when I find my subject, risking it to have run away already? Something is for sure though: the more practise, the better I get. Hopefully, that will start to show in the images.



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