Close encounter

Wandering the nature just a few hundered meters away from where I live after work, I happened to stumble across a deer; actually, two deers. I got a chance to put the lens to the test and make some observations.



It can be hard to find the right shutter speed for a given situation. The VR is very efficient but that will obviously only work if the subject is absolutely stationary. The question is how much you want to push the ISO – do I hope for a lucky sharp shot with low ISO or an unnecessarily noisy shot but without motion blur?


Another issue I noticed was the brightness of the viewfinder, or rather, the lack of it. A fixed f/5.6 lens is significantly darker than what I am used to with my primes. I hadn’t thought about it earlier but it is very clear when the light levels start to drop at dusk.


The more I try to shoot animals and birds I realise how hard this is. There are so many aspects to worry about, that framing a good image is one of the last. How do I sit, stand, aim the lens efficiently? Should I use just one focus point or a cluster to catch a flying bird? Do I zoom all the way in from the beginning and risk not finding my subject, or do I zoom out and have to adjust it back again when I find my subject, risking it to have run away already? Something is for sure though: the more practise, the better I get. Hopefully, that will start to show in the images.




2 thoughts on “Close encounter

  1. Good luck with your quest! Photographing wildlife is difficult; not just the technical aspects but also the time it takes as well as needing a lifetime of experience to understand their behaviour.

    • Thank you! Yeah, there are many aspects about it. My plan is to initially mainly just try to capture images of the birds, and move on to progressively try to improve my photos. Im finding myself posting lots of images I’m honestly not very happy about which I feel somewhat ambivalent about.

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