Bird project – First five

As previously  mentioned in last week’s post, my plan is to try to register as many birds as possible. Sure, I would love to only take good photos, but part of this exercise is to start from scratch. Some of my images will be banal, some will even be borderline atrocious. But as long as I can identify the bird from the image – that’s my starting point. Hopefully I can progressive catch better and better photos of the same bird type, and you as the readers of my blog, will be able to tell the progress from my initial, pathetic attempts. These are the first 5 bird species I have managed to catch.






This last image is an example of the worst case scenario. A barely identifiable, heavily cropped image with the bird partly hiding its face.

Some lessons were learned from my first experiences of shooting birds:
-Editing is a bit tricky when shot under harsh daylight. Birds tend to have deep blacks or at least shadows that need heavy lifting in post.
-The VR is amazing. So much so that it let’s me shoot in a too low shutter speed, as in if the bird moves I get motion blur. I find myself shooting at 125th of a second at full 500mm.
-Weight of the lens is surely handholdable. When aiming up for a long time my arms get tired but not so much so they can’t get rested quickly enough. The lens is very portable if I hold it in the tripod collar, as opposed to in the camera body itself.



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