Wrapping up 2016

Seeing as 2016 is coming to end, I figured I would wrap it up with some of my favourite images from the year. I’ve been away on several trips over the year, from Greece to the northern Sweden and back. My decision to try to post at least once a week, consequently for as long as possible would prove to be efficient in terms of making me get out and shoot more. I have definitely shot more than 2015 and also posted more here on the blog. Towards the end of the year the posts started coming further and further apart, that is to be expected. The lust for photography goes up and down and sometimes forcing it just doesn’t work.





For the year of 2017, my plan is essentially to keep doing what I am doing. I will have it extremely hard to justify any lens purchase, and my D800 is still working like a charm. I might possibly look into getting myself a light stand, a reflector, an umbrella or some other lighting equipment. I would like to learn more about lighting an object, either for a still life or a portrait.




As for the blog, it would be fun to get a .com and get rid of that .wordpress. It wouldn’t really serve any purpose but it would be fun to have just for a year for no real reason. Also, I want to find a theme that is similarly as clean as the one I am using not, but with the possibility of using a “Follow” widget.

Merry christmas and a happy new year!



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