The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art

As the attentive reader might have noticed, I have barely used my 70-200 f/2.8 that I bought two years back. Having been my constant headache and bad conscience I finally decided to put out an ad and have it sold. In its stead I bought the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, which I had been longing for quite some time now.



The idea is that this 35mm together with my 85mm should be able to do about 95% of my shooting. In theory, at least, the focal lenghts should complement each other well. After some initial testing at home, I can conclude that the wide open performance is simply mindblowing. The sharpness is far superior to any other fast prime I have tested. AF seems to work fine, but further testing is obviously needed.



More example pictures will come, with images actually taken with the lense and not just of it.

Oh, and that first image? I made several attempts at getting a nice gradient over the lens, I think I somehow managed eventually. The problem is that each image had something not quite right it. Of course, the one image with the best light on the lens had part of a paper I used as a reflector in the frame… I could very well have used a smaller aperture as well, but I wanted a smooth background. What I did was putting the lens on a table and put a paper on the right side of it to work as a reflector. Meanwhile, I would bounce my on camera-flash on my TV-screen, varyingly with a white paper diffusing the light and varyingly not. I moved around in different angles, exposures and configurations. It was an interesting practise in lighting, although I can’t say I know what I learned other than it’s just as complicated as I had feared.




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