Abisko 2016 pt. 3

Continuing from last weeks post, the wind was picking up more and more and the weather was all but stable; sudden bursts of sunshine came through the clouds only to be interrupted by pouring rain.



Finally I reached the peak of the height I was climbing and found a stunning view. I snapped a few images but decided I needed to set up my tent and have a warm meal in my belly before continuing to shoot. Well into my tent and having just started eating half of the tent suddenly came crashing into my back. A sudden gust of wind hade ripped several guylines loose and a large chunk of tent textile was now being pressed against my back by the wind. I ran out and tried fixing the tent once every ten minutes, each time getting myself more and more wet. Eventually the realisation struck me: I had to take the tent down again and move away from this god forsaken wind hole. A rainbow appeared, seemingly taunting my attempts at conquering the valley as I fled the scene.






7 thoughts on “Abisko 2016 pt. 3

  1. Wonderful pictures, especially the rainbow. This area is so atmospheric even in the clouds/mist!

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