Photography trip booked!

As the title rather obviously implies: I have now booked my next photography trip. See, all my life I’ve regularly been going to the swedish mountains for hiking on the summers and cross country skiing in the winter. These trips have grown farther and farther apart and as of now I haven’t been away since two years ago. Well, that one time two years back I tried something new. While I have been away all alone before, the goal this time was to shoot photos. I had a fantastic week, both in terms of productivity and enjoyment.


This time my hope is I will somewhat time the fall colours in a specific area with plenty of birches. I’ll be away the first week of september. Whether I manage to time the colours or not,  I am sure I’ll have tons of fun. Last time I went during the time of the year when the sun never sets. This meant no major differences in light and most of the images fit in monochrome versions rather than in colour. Hopefully, this time I will also catch some of that golden light as the sun actually does move around more on the sky this time of the year.




Edited from an old jpeg




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