In this week’s post comes two images from the Helsinki cathedral. I am very happy with how especially the first one came out. I think the processing was spot on; the high key look fit the image very well. These are my favourite type of, very geometrical, compositions. Small details like the shadows and the lamps make the shot, in my opinion. The way it is composed makes the eye move around over the little details before and after the image in its entirety.





5 thoughts on “Structures

  1. The high key treatment does indeed work well and I like the composition of both … although I wonder what the second one would like as a more square crop … ? I can’t decide if it would improve the abstractness (is there such a word?!) or lose the point of those lovely curves.

    • I reckon theres quite a bit of variation possible for that shot. I didn’t put very much effort into that composition to be honest. Possibly the structure to the right part of it could be completely cropped out.

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