The fog

Fog as seen from the same ferry as in the previous post. Our ship was engulfed in a massive fog virtually the entire trip. It was quite the surreal experience, with only the horn of the ship sometimes suddenly shattering the white, massive silence.





2 thoughts on “The fog

  1. Sounds a little scary. The first photo reminded me of the sort of work Hiroshi Sugimoto did with his seascapes – Ligurian Sea, Saviore for example. I know he specialised in a central horizon but the visual effect is similar. I like the subtle/abstract texture created by the ripples of the water as they slowly fade into the fog. Good candidate for some split toning work?

    • I contemplated a square crop but decided not to. I guess it can only be done that many times so I rather vary between them 🙂 Here’s an example of the kind you meant guess, although this example is in fact clouds from an airplane:

      As for split toning, I don’t really ever do any of that so I wouldn’t know. I experimented some way back but I haven’t in quite a while. It’s difficult to do subtle and tasteful I think.

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