The Assignment

When I was giving the assignment to shoot some co-workers for a job ad my boss wanted to put in a student paper my initial reaction was to say no. Apparently it was to be sent out to tens of thounds of people as well as put up on a website. But on a second thought I decided to say yes. The plan was somewhat unclear so I had to take it in my own hands. I decided to shoot the classic “co-workers having a casual, joyous chat” and use a mix of different people. Three seemed to be the golden middle number; the faces are still clear in the (rather small) final product, but there is still some interaction them between going on.

I brought my flash, camera and 50 mm to work and managed to scout out before a bigger meeting and check some positions that could fit. Then, right after the following meeting I had three co-workers stay while I snapped some pictures. To prove that I was indeed not a professional I had the batteries in my flash unit die after approximately 15 shots. Yeah, I did not plan that… Anyways, I managed to grab a shot I liked. After minor edits I cropped it to the intentional aspect ratio and sent it away. Will be interesting to see how the final product looks. It would turn out to surprisingly rewarding experience.




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