Week 8

Prague in the winter. One from a tourist’s perspective; one from a bird’s.





3 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. I really like the first picture – mostly due to the different perspective but also for the intensity of his expression.
    Trying to visualise it, I think this could also work well as a tighter composition by basically losing the background and most of the nearest guy’s right shoulder so that more emphasis is placed on the chap looking at us. Just an opinion but I’d be interested to hear what you think if you try it 🙂

    • Well, the thing is that this is a really tight crop already. I only bought my nifty fifty on this trip and I was standing way further back than this image might make you think.

      I am deep into the usual gear lust that every photographer is guilty of. While I would really like to buy a 24-70 f/28 (tamron, more specifically) I am not sure what I think about the weight. Truth is that, a stopped down 50 1.8G and the D800 sensor means massive cropping abilities. On the other hand, I am not sure I like what that means for my framing and composition skills, since I so often resort to heavy cropping.

      Anyway, I digress, I do like the way the other soldier is included in this image. Makes it more of an image between the two, rather than between the photographer and the main subject.

      • Weight certainly is an issue – one I’m reminded of every time I shoulder my back pack! … but I can never quite bring myself to remove a lens 🙂
        Good (well explained) point about this being an image between the two soldiers – it’s always interesting to see a different perspective when you’re too ‘blind’ to see it for yourself!

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