View from a plane

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now is to bring my camera on a plane and shoot some pictures off of it. While on a trip to Berlin over easter with my girlfriend I finally got the chance. On the journey there, the luck wasn’t on my side and the dice said no to a window seat. Also, a slight nausea made that overall experience less pleasant. The luck turned in time for the flight back, however.



Obviously, confined to a tight seat next to a small window with a very limited shooting perspective is less than ideal conditions. Add to that, the fact that I was only shooting with my 50 mm prime lens. I did my best trying to get the most out of the situation.




Ending with an attempt of abstracting the scene by manually turning everything out of focus before packing down my camera, taking a last sip of coke and preparing for the landing back in Stockholm, Sweden again.




2 thoughts on “View from a plane

  1. Nice! Your first picture (with the fluffy clouds) reminds me of my very first trip on a plane, almost 50 years ago. I was a little girl and we were flying from New York to Germany. I couldn’t believe how much the clouds looked like cotton balls!

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