Waiting for the snow

Running a blog would turn out to be an interesting experience. I’ve gone from lengthy posts with plenty of text as well as pictures to quite the opposite. For the time being, I blame the weather. Autumn is well upon Sweden-land and the weather is miserable to say the least.


With the fantastic pieces of equipment I have these days, I can hardly ever use that as an excuse any longer. I want to have a weekly photo project. That’s why I want to keep this blog running. It’s an outlet I can use whenever I have something to share. My sorting routines are hard to understand, even by myself, and even though I do still shoot I find it hard to find a context to post them in.


Granted, I am a bit of an all-or-nothing type of person. Any reasonable human being would consider any bit of regular hobby to be a good thing, rather than keeping score of ones effectivity and and regularly trying to turn it into numbers and values.


Maybe the snow will bring a well-needed dose of energy to my inspiration as well as productivity. If anything, the reflected light from off of it will make enduring the winter just a hair less miserable.


I find myself already looking forward to the next summer. I’m saving a few more paid vacation days from this year, hoping I will be able to go for several trips next spring/summer/early autumn. Norway, Iceland, northern Sweden – those are dreams I keep having. Hopefully one or two of those will come alive.

Wildlife, open landscapes, exercise, photography and serenity – bliss.



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