Stretching the landscape legs again

Every time I try getting back to landscape photography I seem to be having a long warm up period. My initial reaction is always blaming my gear, my lack of gear, the surroundings, myself, the time of the day and whatever other excuse I might come up with.


Mistake number one was to leave the tripod at home. I tend to rely too much on lifting the shadows, using the amazing latitude in the sensor of the d800. A tripod not only enables me to blend exposures in post, but also makes me think more of the composition as well as makes depth of field less of an issue.


Focusing in extremely closely to the camera means keeping everything from front to back in focus virtually impossible unless blending exposures with different focal points. Sometimes, perhaps really pushing that depth of field to its minimum could have its own value also in landscape photography?


Which do I prefer? I don’t know. Actually, the sunflower in the foreground is really just out of focus here. That sunstar is looking pretty sweet, though.


Another excuse I kept coming back to will of course be the lack of lenses. In this case, it being a 70-200 zoom. I’ve been meaning to buy one for a while, but considering how costly they are I’m not sure when it will happen. I’m hoping maybe next month. Horses behind a fence became quite the issue. A longer lens would not only obviously make it easier to reach the horses within the frame, but would also enable more controlled compositions with specific backgrounds for my liking. Compressing that image for a completely different perspective is really something I’m looking forward to experimenting with. Especially on wider landscapes where there’s just so much going on.


In the end, I suppose I did have quite a bit of fun. Also, I got to enjoy a nice evening out in the crispy autumn air. Hoping I will get some more done before all the leaves are down on the ground and the sun forgets it’s supposed to spend some time up in the air.



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