A fever, a tripod and some creativity

Having been sick and home from work a few days I was slowly going mad from the inactivity and constant fever. I decided to experiment a little with exposure blending and I must say that I’m very happy with the result.


Having decided to try this out I forced myself to take a shower and put on a t-shirt, contrasting to the self-loathing piece of Swedish weakling that had been laying in a sofa for a few days. I set up my tripod and tried a few poses in front of the mirror. The wide angle exaggerates the size of the bathroom. In reality I had to squeeze myself back and forth between the tripod and the sink.

In post, I merged two of the exposures I liked the most, worked around with the contrast and the white balance. The use of flash that bounced on a wall, at a slight angle behind me provides a professional look together with the light but effective editing. Bathrooms easily look a bit nasty in photos if the photographer doesn’t really know what he/she is doing, but given the time and context I reckon the result was quite nice.


The tripod proved itself worthy of its money once again. The controls are easily worked and I could comfortably adjust it in every way needed. It was especially important to level the camera, seeing as it was shot at the very wide 19 mm, in order to avoid weird and bent lines and other types of distortions. The controls together with the sheer size of the tripod enabled me to set it just the way I like it in a somewhat quick period of time. This is essential to simplifying, or even enabling, photoshoots.


My plan was to produce a few more similar shots in different situations, but as the fever never seemed to subside my energy reserves ran low and I hardly got anything done after this; let alone any photography. Chances are good you will see a sequel to this experiment sometime later, though.



6 thoughts on “A fever, a tripod and some creativity

  1. Glad to hear that you and your new tripod are getting on well together – what with that and your lovely new lens, all that’s left now is to bite the bullet and invest in a good high ND filter! šŸ™‚

    • Haha, indeed. Thanks a bunch for all of the nice comments today. Appreciate it alot šŸ™‚ My budget for photo gear as shrunk significantly lately, and I don’t mean to buy anything in quite a while. A good nd filter, or perhaps an ir-filter is something I might be able to squeeze in for the summer, though.

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