Shadow and light

There is a special feeling to that light that comes around somewhere after miday and before the sunset. It’s not about the colours, but moreso about the shadows.


They almost seem to pop out from nowhere and dance against the ground.




After a while those colours, too, start creeping in. It’s not about fullblown sunsets with colours allover the spectrum, but about sudden dashes of red and orange to that otherwise white and perhaps light-yellowish sun that relentlessly whips the city with its rays.



I’ve been having quite a bit fun shooting again. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about experimenting and having big projects and logging around the heaviest of equipments; sometimes just going out with my fifty with the intention of, well, just having a walk is the key to having a good time.

Shooting on the streets is really more and more becoming a way of meditation to me. It’s aimless, without demands or pretention. If I’m bored I can just take the subway back home again, and if I seem to taking nice pictures it’s all good but it’s not the world.



Happy shooting!



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