Out on a trip

The hallways of this blog have been very quiet the last few weeks. I have been shooting, but perhaps not as much a I have earlier this spring. Most of it has also been private matters: vacations, family, friends. In other words more so for the memories than with the intention of creating something with, I suppose, a bit more pretension.


After having lost my old Benro tripod on the last day of my most recent mountain trip, I finally came around to buying a new one. After spending quite some time in a photography store, trying different ones out, I ended up buying a Manfrotto 055 CXPRO 3 and a Manfrotto 804RC2. I didn’t want to cheap out this time around, so I really focused on getting a system that I could use for a long time without regretting buying.


I am very happy with how it handles and especially how stable it is. Stability is key to getting sharp images, no matter the conditions. The carbon fiber works extremely well with absorbing vibrations. A longer review might be coming sometime later. The three-way head is much more hefty to use and there’s no fiddling about like how those classic ballheads work. I’m also hoping it will be much easier to use when I’m cold and wet and my fingers don’t have that strength and dexterity to them.

If you do, however, forget to simply screw the quick release plate on entirely you might still end up with funky looking images.


Anyways, I spent the most recent weekend away kayaking in the archipelago of the Baltic sea as evident in the above images. I wasn’t entirely sure if I actually captured something to post here, but it would seem I did at least get a few. I did everything from some long exposures mainly to try out the new tripod as well as some regular walk around stuff, albeit not that much.



Here is some more experimenting with long exposures. The combination of up to 30 second long exposures in daytime with full on sunshine, odd reflections and bit of post processing trickery to handle the colour casts (of which I am getting more and more frustrated and will most likely lead to me buying a much more expensive version of a nd filter) resulted in some very odd-looking images.



I hope to be back to being a little bit more productive for the blog from now on, but contrary to what I keep trying to tell myself time and motivation isn’t always there.




3 thoughts on “Out on a trip

  1. Good choice of tripod! It’s basically the newer version of mine which has taken a fair amount of unintentional abuse over the years and still performs flawlessly.
    Be wary about rushing out to buy a new ND filter (assuming you’re talking about a high stop version) as they all seem to have something of a colour cast. I spent a little time working out the ‘skew’ of colour balance in mine and now pre-set the white balance in camera when using it. I also shoot in RAW which makes the white balance correction, if necessary/wanted, a lot easier.

    • Hmm. According to reviews the higher end versions seem to have much less problems with colour casts. I’ve tried editing out the colour cast as much as possible, but since it’s not consistent it’s hard to create a natural look. Normally theres a purple blotch in the middle of the photo. If I just desaturate the colour it comes off as really odd-looking. But yeah, I’ll look into it. Thanks for stopping by!

      • True. My understanding is that the higher end ones have less; I have a Lee Big Stopper but even they warn about the colour cast. In fairness, it’s consistent over the filter so a lot easier to cope with than splodges in the middle!

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