Into the Wild pt. 4

Day four was upon me and it was now time to leave my rather secluded valley and to start heading back to civilisation again.


The reason why these are all black and white, and why so many in the previous posts of this series have been so is because of the midnight sun. See, as the sun is virtually at the same height all day long there isn’t much room for variation of light. There is no special lighting going on with beautiful colours at the beginning and end of each day. The harsh contrast created by the sun leaves room for black and white conversions that I prefer here.


Heading back I wanted to give those long exposures another try. The conditions were this time a bit different from my last try as the sun was now shining and it was getting really hot as opposed to the snowfall a few days back.


Tripods and everything about them is really a massive subject on its own. I find mine to be a mess to use in most ways and nothing but a necessary evil. I really do wish I would grow more accustomed and comfortable to using a tripod but it doesn’t quite seem to be happening.

Funny thing, well perhaps not, is that I ended up losing it anyway. On the very last day I had to do some climbing on all four through a very dense forest (strange combination, I know) and somewhere in the process it must have gotten loose from the outside of my backpack because it wasn’t there by the time I had gotten down.

I’ve been meaning to invest in a new one for quite some time now, and I guess this was the final push I needed. The process of researching and trying out tripods and heads will probably still take me a good number of months though.


Since the gear geek in my keeps sticking its head out I might as well continue on the theme with a side note on my lens:

Something I have noticed about the 16-35 is that the flare control is fantastic. My old Tokina 11-16 f2.8 that I used back on my d90 would flare like crazy in most situations where the sun was anywhere near the frame. With this I can shoot pretty much however I like and there’s only rarely a small touch of flaring going on in the pictures. On the other hand it seems to be strangely impossible to produce sun stars even up at f16 and above.


Anyways, after having played around with long exposures for a while I did some intense hiking to get me to the place where I would spend my last night out in the wild. The view was… decent, but I had started longing for some company and it felt just right to be on my way home soon.

All in all it was a fantastic week for me to kick off my vacation with. Hope you enjoyed this four part series as much as I did. Now I would like to do something completely different. Perhaps get back out on the streets again?



6 thoughts on “Into the Wild pt. 4

    • Tack! Nu är det tyvärr slut på det goda. Hade tidigare lite lösa planer på att sticka iväg till fjälls en gång i höst igen och försöka tajma de färgglada löven, men det är inte säkert att det blir av.

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