Into the Wild pt. 1

Starting with today’s post, I will share a trip up to the Swedish north that I went on this past week. It lasted for five days in total, but on the last day I really had no time for shooting as I was in a bit of  a hurry to reach my starting and final destination where I had to catch a bus that would slowly take me back to some sort of civilisation.


Having finally gone through all of the photos, deleted a massive amount and edited the ones I thought might be fitting for the blog, I ended up with a selected few shots. I decided I will split them up into four different posts for the four main days of this trip. I know, I’m cheap. But after having spent that much time out in the wild, be it for many reasons other than photography and definitely other reasons the blog, it would still feel a bit like being cheated if it all just ended up covering one stupid blog post and nothing more.


The editing will vary a lot between shots, as they usually do in my photography. I have yet to find a steady way of editing that will fit most shots, nor do I think or wish that I ever will anyway. Some shots will be more heavily processed than others, some will be flatter, some will be with much heavier contrast, some will be in colour but most will be in black and white. I will cover this later on.


I found this nicely S-curved creek that I would try to catch from several different perspectives. I wasn’t sure as for which I prefered so I thought I’d just throw three of them in here to see how they work together and which that stands out.


I’m thinking the first is a bit too messy in the way its foreground breaks into partly grass-covered areas, whereas the second is much cleaner in its aesthetics.


The third would be a bit of a mix of the two.


Now, back to the actual trip and back to the mountains. Having hiked along a trail for a full day I would turn up towards my main destination for the week. This would be a somewhat isolated valley, known for its beautiful peaks, glaciers and rugged weather conditions.


Having reached a bit of an elevation I decided to call it a day and set up my tent. Well into the evening with a hot meal in my belly, I could without any hesitation conclude it to have been a wise decision. The following day would present a pretty different type of shooting situation compared to the initial day of my trip.


See you in pt. 2.



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