Flowers (again?!)

I was playing around, shooting close ups of different flowers a while back and ended up with quite a few that looked half decent if not even good. I decided I might as well pop them up here on the blog along with everything else that I shoot. Funny how the last time I posted photos of flowers I felt the need to justify it by the use of sarcasm. Sometimes that comes back to bite you.


Almost all of the shots are in black and white, as I was mainly focusing on the textures of the different flowers I would find out in the nature as well as inside in flower pots. Sometimes you lose track of what colour the original subject actually was. Then again, I’m not sure that really matters.




Dandelions can be specifically interesting to photograph, as they vary alot in terms of structure and shapes when going from full bloom to the featherlike state that is the last dying phase just before the seeds fly away in the wind.



I guess that the issue that I have with flower photography is the way it’s become a bit of a watered-down, instagram type of photography. It’s something of a cliché for people with a camera or just a phone to shoot close ups of flowers. Internet and especially wordpress is flooded with them and I’m not sure theres room for more. I suppose originality doesn’t always have to be the goal of ones photography. Sometimes it’s all just about taking pictures and enjoying yourself.



While I might not feel like I am particulary happy with the end results of this, aesthetically or by any other standard. I still felt they deserved a blog post of their own somehow. Transparency of workflow, liberty of what I share and all of that comes into place.



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