Back on the streets again

Ever so often I enjoy just taking a walk in Stockholm with my camera and just somewhat aimlessly shoot what I see. Sometimes I bring home a big batch of photos I really like, sometimes not.


I use to joke about the fact that despite having lived in and near Stockholm for quite some time now, I am still horrible at finding my way around the city. As a result of this I’ve this year decided on taking some deliberate walks along the islands that together make up what is the Stockholm city core.


I will usually just stroll around and look for anything that might make an interesting picture, be it a funny looking couple, a water pool, an interesting shape in a building or whatever I find and like the look of.







It would appear that I didn’t have all that much to say too these photos and that’s okey. Sometimes it’s all about that stream of photographic consciousness that is exactly what street photography can be all about. I document, find, capture and create scenes in my mind and in the viewfinder of my camera. Words easily become superfluous.



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