Back from the dead

For the first time in quite a while I had to make a break in my usual one-post-a-week-schedule. The reason for this was a sudden power circuit in my computer and a dead power unit as a result of this. Here I am, anyways, back from the dead.

I’ve been out on several photo outings since the last post. Some have been productive, some haven’t; some have been boring to be honest and some have been inspiring. I guess I am struggling a bit for the moment with who I am as a photographer, heck, whether I am a photographer at all.


If anything, I’ve definitely put my new camera to use. Last time I checked I was up to 4600 something shots with my d800 already. I see it as that for every time I press the shutter, think about photography, mentally as well as physically frame an image and whatever else one might do that is related to photography will improve your skills as a photographer. Practise makes perfect.

Sometimes the motivation might be on low, but that doesn’t mean ones improvement has to stop. This is why I try to keep bringing my camera and shoot, shoot, shoot in so many situations other than the obvious. I will admit there are moments when I’m not that much into it, and that will show in the images I capture. But then there will also be those delightful experiences of the complete oppposite.


I know myself and how I need to be pushed and feel that stress pumping in me in order to get things done. That’s also the reason why I created the blog in the first place. Sometimes, though, that pressure to have photos, thoughts, discussions ready for the next week isn’t always that productive. Todays post will therefore be a way for me to breathe and release some of that pressure from my system. This is after all still very much photography related. While there’s writer’s block there definitely also is such a thing as photographer’s block. It’s been almost a catharsis-like experience to not be able to do any post processing, to not do anything with the photos I’ve taken; to just shoot away and not think too much about the end-product, what to make of the result, whether it will be good enough to share or make sense in the context of a blog post.


Back with a working computer, a spring that is turning into summer and lots of more free time and evenings where there’s still light to shoot in, I am looking forward to hopping back into the saddle again.


While today’s post might have been thin in terms of material and boring in its introverted diary-like anxiety relief it feels good to have it done and look ahead again.

See you on the other side next sunday. Hopefully then with more than four extremely random and out of context photos.



5 thoughts on “Back from the dead

  1. Hi Martin, Glad to see you are back. A blog is a good discipline for photographers. Not only do you met your own responsibilities to get a post up on your blog but I think you also appraise your photographs and make decisions about whether they are good or bad and why. If you are ever stuck for inspiration when setting out with your camera just set yourself a theme. I do this sometimes with interesting results. If you scroll down my Postcard Cafe blog you will find little 9 photo galleries. I’ve gone out and just shot shadows or reflections or a particular colour or numbers or hot or cold. Themes help to focus your attention more purposefully. One of my favourite themes was shooting shadows. We naturally look to where the light falls rather than the shadows around or on something. I had a lot of fun with shadows! Perhaps you have your own approach when feeling less inspired but I thought I’d share mine. Best wishes, Mr Cafe

    • Hello there and thanks for the input 🙂

      I agree with your points on why blogging can be helpful to your photography. I also like having specifically themed posts – both for the sake of a coherent blog as well as to boost my inspiration. I try to write down whenever I have a sudden idea of a theme or project I might want to try. I have quite an interesting one coming up for next sunday!

  2. Having a blog is good for motivation but if the pressure of needing to post blocks creativity that’s definitely a bad thing! Making photographs is my prime motivation and when I have time (and something I think worth showing!) I’ll do a post – the best of both worlds …. for me anyway 🙂
    I think your ‘Flipping the camera’ shows how creativity is unleashed without the need (or ability 🙂 ) to post!

    • I’m very much of an ‘all or nothing’ type of person. If I realise the world isn’t going under without my weekly blog posts, chances are I will just stop. Maybe I will grow to have a more relaxed view on it in the future, but not today. After writing this post and fixing my computer I actually ended up having material for four posts in the pipeline, leaving me in a more relaxed and extremely satisfied mood. Hopefully not too relaxed though… 😉 I’ve still got ideas for future experiments!

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