The magic of reflections

Something that has always fascinated me when I am out shooting is reflections of different sorts. Be it that in water, in a glass or in the window to a store. Using a wide aperture and a very selective focus can render utterly fascinating and abstract photos.

Lots of different type of surfaces will work for this: car windows, water, different glass objects, plastics and so on. I think it gets increasingly interesting the less the surfaces reflects the image in a linear way. The more distorted the image gets the more interesting results you will get.

Composition is sadly something that often suffers when I take this type of photos. What it does do, however, is making me extend my reach and making me wary of all sorts of new motives in the everyday world. I keep stressing the point that one does not need a magic landscape and a bunch of fashion models in order to be able to take interesting photographs. Look and you will find. It’s really just that simple.

Water pools can be especially fun to shoot. They all appear so mindblowingly mundane to the naked eye, but the right perspective will still leave you with fun shots. The spring is still early and there isn’t much lush greenery to reflect it self at all times. But most structures in contrast to the out of focus near items will get an eerie look in the context of the image. There is that confused near-far relationship as well as the seemingly normal and seemingly fantastic objects that melds together in an abstract mess of delight.

These two are probably my favourites of the bunch. That magical green tone of the amalgamated moss and algae is absolutely stellar.




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