D800 – Love at first sight pt. 2

This blog post will be a continuation on the post from last week about my first few days with the d800. I took it out for a few photo walks and ended up having so much fun that I chose to split the photos into two different batches.

This batch has partly got a bit of marine theme to it, as strolling through Södermalm in Stockholm led me to a pier with a multitude of various ships docked to it. They all have different details and shapes that I find to be quite photogenic.

There was a beautiful calmness to the ships and the blank open waters of the Stockholmian landscape the hour before sunset: love struck couples, reflections of golden sunlight that bounce off of the water and onto various surfaces and the smell of early spring to the air.

All in all, I’ve been having an absolute blast with my new camera. Spring is storming in with a few breaks of winter every now and then here in Sweden and it feels like I will have a great spring and summer for photography this year.



12 thoughts on “D800 – Love at first sight pt. 2

  1. Some great images. I’m not big on gear, but judging from the results, seems to be a good camera (but don’t tell my fellow Canon users I said that). The thing that I think made the big difference, though, is the feeling the camera gave you. Seems it really helped you get in the zone!

    • Yes, exactly. If anything its almost impossible to see any difference in the downsampled versions im posting here for the blog and after some basic post processing. But yes, it did boost my creativity immensly, and only that is worth all it takes 🙂

  2. A fine set of photos, you have captured the light extremely well. A colleague of mine is a die hard film user and would always declare that he would never cross over to the ‘dark side’ of photography. His new D800 is now slowly changing his mind 🙂

    • Thank you!

      Yes. It does have an extraordinary dynamic range which in turn makes the transitions from deep shadows to highlights very pleasant unlike the typical digital look. I’m used to fiddling about much more with the blacks and shadows and curves and whatnot to get that desired look, whereas with the files from the d800 there simply isn’t all that much that needs to be done.

  3. I really like the detail shots in the dock. The light is wonderful and they have a lovely intimate feel to them.
    Being a Nikon fan I approve of your choice of camera! 😀 When I moved up from a D70 to a D200 the improvement in my photography was noticeable – as Adam said, I think it was more down to the feeling I got from the camera and how its ease of use opened up my creativity. I’m now the proud owner of a D700 and as much as I lust after a D800 I can’t quite justify it – yet!!

    • Thanks alot for the compliments! Yes, equipment is both a curse and a blessing in how it can inspire you and block you at the same time. I’m sticking to my 50 mil for a while now since I can’t quite justify buying more gear right now. This in itself is another example of both an obstacle and a source of inspiration.

  4. Hey Martin – those are nice studies – that full frame D800 image quality is persuasive for an old school film camera guy like myself! 🙂

    Keep up the good work & thanks for dropping by to check out my blog pics.
    Cheers, Owen

  5. Wow, some fantastic perspectives here. Really wonderful shots. You’ve helped us to see in an entirely different, which I enjoy tremendously. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following, so I would have a chance to discover your photography.

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