D800 – Love at first sight pt. 1

This thursday after work it finally happened – I bought my new shining Nikon d800. My love for it is already profound and something that will surely inspire countless of ballads (and blog posts). There is really something to be said about each and every aspect of the camera; all of them being immense leaps of improvement over my old d90.

Having already concluded my devoted love to this camera, it might not come as a too big of a surprise to hear that I have shot tons of photos already with it. In fact, I have so many I have been having problems going through them all and deciding on what to post. I still have old shots from my d90 that I had intended on posting, but now I am not sure that will ever happen. Maybe for themed posts with a topic of discussion that would fit the individual shots. We shall see.

Anyways, I digress. What I ended up going for was simply splitting the recent photos taken with the d800 into two batches. The first half being the one presented today.

Almost like a statement, I have included various types of shots that all often have minor things about them that I don’t like. Compositions are off by a bit, making them seem less like “perfect” shots. This is exactly what I am after with this blog: being able to share my photographic train of thought in a shameless and exposing way. Sometimes I feel like I really have to rub that in, both for myself and the number of viewers I have so far collected for this blog. It is important to me to stay true that I intended with it, rather than having it turn in to a forced relationship.

Normally, I like taking some time for the pictures to rest before I do much with them. I think letting them lay on the harddrive for a while makes you look at them again with a fresh pair of eyes rather than the same tired ones that shot the photos a few hours earlier. I guess that’s the downside of over-excitement this time, but I am quite sure it will be okey to let it slip just this once.


The ideal blog to me is a blog where each and every post is coherent and has a got a theme. There is always instagram, flickr, 500px and two hundred other sites if you are looking for a flow of various, unrelated images with a cutesie filter on top of them.


But in the end those are all theoretical plans and can’t always be applied to the reality that is photo blogging. As pretentious as I would like to be, it all comes down to the practicalities and realities of everyday life.

I decided to keep today’s post free from any specific comments on the aspects of camera that I enjoy. Rather than writing a review I wanted to share my initial experiences via the medium of photos, as it should be done. Specs are only specs and photos are what really matter.

Stay tuned for part 2!



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