A stroll in the sun

It would appear as if the winter is slowly going away here in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m not too easily fooled, though, it is after all only the month of march and plenty can happen. I am sure the snow will be back for one last turnaround on the scene. But why not enjoy it while it lasts?

Finally some real light and some real shadows after those month, seemingly without end, with overcast days where everything becomes one big soft mess of diffused light.
High in spirits from the sudden burst of sunshine I went out for one of those photo-walks that I have been longing for all this winter. Not only was the light good for photography, but also for me, my mood and my swedishly pale winter skin…

I really like that thick contrast with pools of light that you can get in this type of lighting.

I was doing my best to try to capture some arcitechtural structures, viewing them as photos rather than buildings. Here I would try a square format to try to get the right balance in the frame. I’m not sure about the vignette I chose here, but I hope it doesn’t steal too much attention. Working with the different colour channels after turning it monochrome, I think I managed to get a nice, contrasty look to the photo.


Bridges from under are becoming a bit of a favourite of mine as of late. I find the idea of the concrete versus the sky, the strict structures versus the nature to be quite alluring. The concrete can be strangely human and sensual when put into context and carefully aligned within the frame.

This works in colours as well as black and white.

Here is another, wider but lower bridge that connects two major islands in Stockholm. Strangely enough, free from the stench of urine, I gave myself the time to look around the pillars and try to find a nice photo somewhere among them.

Eventually the day was coming to an end, and the setting sun brought colours of increasing intensity to the scene.




What’s a blog post without a self portrait? 😉

On my way home I passed through some cars with interesting reflections in the front windows.


Not only cars have reflections, it would appear. This is through a strange-looking, carbon glass based sound barrier covering a bigger road near where I live.

All in all, I am terribly happy to see the return of the sun here in Sweden-land. The neverending dark days are hopefully over for this time.



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