Twisted objects in the dark

What are these grotesque, twisted objects you might ask. Hands! My hands in fact. Flashed straight on (yes, you are right, you are noticing a theme…) and quite heavily processed. This flash straight on is really not how you are supposed to do this, but more about this later.

Back to these photos: I put my hands in front of my tripod (and camera, duh) and clutched my remote in one of my hands all the while looking through the viewfinder and trying to find a picture somewhere in there. I would clench my fists quite hard to get the blood pumping and get those pronounced veins in my hands and wrists.

I bumped up the contrast and clarity, turned them black and white and then increased the local even more by pushing the red versus the yellow channel in the skin tones in each direction. In the end I also dodged and burned some, as well as adding sharpness.

I had this picture in my mind where I created something else out of something as simple as my hands. I won’t lie and tell you this is how I had imagined the pictures to come out, but I guess they look somewhat funky at least.

This last one was taken at a later occasion. I noticed the battery had run out of my remote (hm?) so I had to set it to timer mode. Remember what I said before about flash straight on not being optimal? Well, when you put the light source to the side, it will reveal any bumps and uneven-ness, which is exactly what I wanted in this case. This also resulted in a much darker photo.


The first one would be my favourite of the bunch. It almost has a bit of an elephant-y look to the texture and the way the arms bow. The last one looks a bit too artificial, but it was good to put my new found ability to use the flash off camera to use.



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