Winter is finally here

I will be the first to admit to not being a fan of the winter. The reason for this is that I hate the darkness with the late sunups and early sundowns. It makes you feel as if you are always walking around in the dark, only getting to see the sun from your office window. At least the snow finally came, and the light that it brings to the landscapes.

From a photography perspective, however, it is all a bit different. It would be fair to say that the winter is… tricky to photograph. The exposure is thrown off and I have to use exposure compensation to force the camera to expose more than it thinks.

All the snow makes for odd compositions as well: either it’s just bland and white, or it’s dirty with random branches and grass sticking out of it. Sometimes the frame will be fairly obvious, but often it’s all just one big mess of white-ish material.

I like to try hopping between black and white and colours in the post processing. Sometimes both will work, sometimes one is clearly superior.

Another issue is the cold. Thin gloves to be able to operate the camera leave me with cold fingers that will barely function. Also, I rather not change lenses or, even worse, put up my tripod with all the slowness and cold-capturing that comes with it. On the positive side, I use the winter to try to work on my compositions when it comes to landscape photography.

The sunsets come all to quickly and at awkward times and in too low temperatures. Instead, I will go out in the middle of the day and try to see those lines and those details. I admit, I do not feel very confident about this, but I believe I am improving.

Composition is that one main thing I admire in other photographers, and I would love to reach the same type of level as for instance Michael Kenna (do look him up if you have not heard of him). I like the idea of being able to shoot captivating photos in non-fantastic locations. I don’t want to have to shoot sunsets or mountains or streams in order to take nice landscape shots. That’s where compositions really comes to place.

All in all, I keep being active with my photography, and I am also enjoying it a fair bit these days. There is both that tingling sensation when you are post processing the shots at home feeling “I think I got something here” and that childish joy when you are out shooting, running all over the place in pure excitement.



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