Still learning

I like pointing out when I learn new things and say “now I learnt that”, “then I learnt that” and “now I need to learn this”. As evident by previous posts I have recently bought an external flash device, with which I have now been exploring the world.

I have yet to fully understand the concept of flash exposure, but as I understand it the flash itself work as an exposure. This exposure can, depending on the flash unit, be extremely fast. If I’ve understood my flash manual correctly it can actually produce 1/80000th second exposure. This is apparently how all of those fancy high-speed photos freeze action. Determined to test this out I brought together a collection of expensive equipment: a glass of water and an old, small potato.

At first I would simply aim my camera at the glass, drop the potato and try to match the splash.


Then, realizing this was a somewhat awkward way of shooting, I decided to bring up my tripod, prefocus and use my remote.

Eventually I started getting bored of this hobby. Not to mention I had splashed water allover the sink and floor… What’s next? Hmm, I have always wondered how to trigger an off camera flash. After some googling I understood how to work this out and managed to use my built in flash as a commander to trigger my sb 700 even when it was not sitting in the cameras hot shoe. Sadly, I didn’t have much imagination as to what I could shoot with an off camera flash. Instead I would just randomly put my flash at places and aim my camera at it.


(yes, I just posted a picture of a trashcan and a picture of laundry hanging to dry…)

The potential with this is to create some seriously moody flash portraits. A manually controlled exposure, indoors with limited ambient light and some creative could potentially render in some very interesting images. I will leave it to the future to hope I end up taking any such photos.

A few steps ahead in my development, I suppose?



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