Macro photography with flash

Here are a few macro shots as promised. I bought some kenko extension tubes a while back, but I didn’t really end up using them very much. This was because the tubes steal light and there were rarely any situations when I could use them all for maximum magnification without having to boost the iso like crazy. What I could do was use the built-in flash with only 1 or possibly 2 extension tubes attached to my 50 mm, but I was never very happy with the results from the weak and badly positioned (therefor mostly covered) built-in flash.

Now that I have my new sb 700 I realized that it is possible for me to use all three extension tubes at the same time. Here are a few shots from some experimenting around my flat.

Starting off, this is me pouring water, some canola oil and detergent in a glass. Watching the photo now, I am wondering if those spots aren’t some nastiness that got caught on the lense from various experimenting with splashing water. Oh well, guess a wipe-off could be necessary.


Here is some condensation on a plastic coke bottle. Not the most exciting of the bunch, I guess.


Here is a bit of a minimalistic shot, with the motive put slightly to the side rather than smack-on in the middle. It’s nothing fancier than a water drop.


This shot shows the nastiness of my bathroom tap. Suppose I should clean it now…

This is a really cool freezed moment of water running down the tap. The water bubbles are not 100% sharp, but it seemed to be impossible to freeze the super fast movement, being that close to the lense, even with the flash.




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