To colour or not to colour


I was going through some pictures from easter 2013 when I went skiing with my brother and a friend of his. I decided to bring the photos to my fathers place as I was going theres the weekend. Anyways, the point was that there would be more family members there, my brother included, and they hadn’t seen the pictures yet. In fact, no one except myself, had, and I was feeling a bit odd having those memories on my harddrive rather than sharing them.


As I started tweaking the photos in camera raw I managed to get a really nice blue tone to the skies.

As the skies were such a dominant force in the photos when all there really otherwise was, was snow. Snow and skies.  By happenstance, I decided to turn one photo black and white, only to realize: that look too, I liked.

DSC_0396  DSC_0412

Sometimes it is easy to do the same type of editing with similar type of images all the time. Every now and then, when you turn it all around, you might find yourself learning something new. What’s next? Colour street photography? Ha! Well, maybe not that radical a change…



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