Long exposure shots

In the vein of trying to stay somewhat productive both in terms of photography and in terms of producing posts for this blog, I decided to go shoot some long exposure shots at the Stockholm central station. I brought my tripod, dslr and a bunch of lenses. I ended up using my standard zoom and my tokina wide angle 11-16.

I must admit that I am not overly enthusiastic over the photos I came back home with, but seeing as I was completely exhausted from work and still managed to get off my butt and pull this off, I am still satisfied from that perspective.

My main problem was getting the right exposure time to draw out the line of people, but not make them disappear completely as ghost-like creatures. The correct exposure time would also depend on my distance to the motives. The closer to the motive, the shorter the exposure time was required.

The second problem was getting an interesting composition. Eventually I realized that getting the both above points in the same shot was really, really hard. Somewhat frustrated I ended up packing up my kit and took the subway home instead. I ended up post processing three in a way  I havent successfully used before. High in contrast and few, strong colours.


Just as I am posting this I realized that the two parts of these photos that I liked the most, the red and blue person to the right in the last photo, and the woman with the pink hat and the surrounding blue-ness, are taken from the exact view-point and could have been blended to one image in photoshop to create one, even better image. Darn it… What I on the other hand also realize is that I do enjoy this blog format, where I am free to post photos in groups, without being entirely satisfied with them. A liberating feeling versus for instance flickr.



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