Self portrait

Having recently watched a newly started series on one of the public service television channels in Sweden about photography I have been meaning to try taking some self portraits. See, this program covered this specific subject. I am not quite sure it came about, but I got this idea fixed in my head that I wanted to try blending a few images in post production. Now, to begin with I never, never, take self portraits. I am just as conscious about myself and my looks as any other person, and especially being an amateur photographer there will always be things bothering me about taking pictures of myself. Anyways, to the point.

I ended up using my tripod, set up to almost maximum height. I positioned myself against my bathroom wall with my Nikon d90 and the standard 18-55 zoom. I turned the vr off and set it to 18 mm, as I wanted to be able to reach the camera (not to self: buy a remote). I tried off a few poses for shits and giggles and ended up choosing 5. Well into the PP process I realized 5 would be a bit too messy and I ended up only blending three photos.

This is the outcome.


Am I happy? Well, it’s a first. I am breaking my boundaries and trying new things. Does it look super fantastically artsy? Not really, but oh well.



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