A visit to my grandparents

Off for a first real blog post then. I figured I would use this blog sort of like a journal.

I am, as I type this, wrapping up a period of 10 days of vacation. Kicking it off I traveled to another city to run a race, went by train to a second city to visit some cousins and finally ended up in a third city, well not really a city per se, to visit my grandparents. Anyways, my grandparents are 85 years old and live on a farm. There are no longer any animals there but the surroundings can be quite interesting.


This is a bit of an experiment in terms of editing. I am rarely satisfied with my monochrome edits, but I sort of liked the split toning in this one. The sunstar coming off the car annoys my to no ends, though.

Here follows two photos taken during a previous visit. Nothing mindblowing, but just to get another perspective (in other words: interiors).


Everytime I leave my grandparents I leave with the thought “why didn’t I spend more time shooting?”. There are plenty of interesting enviroments in the barn buildings, forest and the main living house. Oh well “next time” I suppose…



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