A new beginning

Welcome to my newly started blog, poor, lost traveler in the cyberspace.

Having thought about starting a blog for a long time, I finally got around to actually creating a website via wordpress.com. My reasons for starting this blog are purely egoistical and for my own benefit only.

I wish to put some pressure onto myself and make me start taking my photography seriously again. Just like so many others it all started off fine, I was getting compliments from friends and I started looking into buying new gear all the while my excitement for this new art grew in me. All of a sudden life struck me. Having finished my university studies I found myself in a situation where I work and… well, thats just it. All I do is work, eat sleep (and run). All my life I have had a passion for arts, and I feel the urge coming back to me again. I. Need. To. Create. I hope to, through the means of this blog, give myself assignments and try to push myself as an artist and a photographer. I hope to write monologues about my own desires, plans and worries and hopefully reach some level of productivity as well as improvement.

In order to try to keep this blog somewhat cohesive I will try to only cover one subject in each post. I therefore choose to conclude this post, rather than continuing on, trying to actually touch the subject of photography as well as introducing the blog in the same post.



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